Monday, May 03, 2010

Thanks, Hillary. The US is now safer.

Hillary Clinton released to the UN the number of warheads (5113) we have in our nuclear arsenal.
Since when do you give the number of weapons you have to your enemy?
That's like me telling an armed robber "If you fuck with me I'll shoot your dumb ass. But first you should know that I have a Colt 45 with 7 bullets and no extra magazines."
What a fucking dumbass.

Oh wait, I forgot:
The Obamessiah already said we wouldn't use our nukes even if we get nuked first.
Let me re-phrase my comparison.
That's like me telling an armed robber "I've got a 45 with 7 bullets but I won't use it. Please leave me alone. Pretty please?"
They're both fucking dumbasses.

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Anonymous said...

I would love to play poker with these dorks
Paul in Texas