Friday, June 18, 2010

BP boycott

Hey, I've been seeing some things on the web about boycotting BP because of the spill.
Don't do that. Please.
Before you say "Fuck you" and click off, hear me out.
First off, BP has enough oil reserves to keep the US in oil for TWO years. They ain't poor by any means. Your temporary boycott ain't gonna work - they'll just sell their oil to Russia, India or China, folks that could care less about us.
Fox News brings up a good point:
The people your boycott will hurt are the independent station owners and their employees - you know, your fucking neighbors, your friends and family, your landlord, your tenants.
They've got bills, mortgages (maybe yours) to pay, and families to support. Don't hurt them because the company that supplies their fuel fucked up.
Please think about it. Our economy's fucked up enough without causing more suffering. I heard on Greta that some independant station owners have seen their business drop off 40% over something they had nothing to do with.


orbitup said...

We don't have BP stations where I live, but last week while on vacation in Myrtle Beach I filled up the rent car at one.

wirecutter said...

We've got 'em here. I've never used one before (they're kinda sorta out of my way) but I'll fill up at one if they're handy.