Sunday, June 27, 2010

Count your blessings, Sweetie

A couple of months ago I was coming home down a semi-major road in town when I heard a siren behind me. I looked in my mirror and saw an ambulamps coming up from the rear. I was about 75 feet from a major intersection, but I pulled over to let the ambulamps pass even though it was better than a hundred yards back. I didn't want to have it behind me and then get caught at a red light.
I was the only one that did pull over, though. The only way for it to get through was through the left hand turn lane, but traffic wasn't yielding. It sat at the intersection for a good 15 seconds, siren screaming before somebody came to a stop to let it through.
Just after the ambulamps made it through, I saw the car that stopped get launched from 0 to 50 through the intersection as it was rear ended by a Chevy pickup.
By this time the light had changed and traffic was clearing so I pulled over to see if everybody was okay because it was the right thing to do and besides, the cutie that hit the motherfucker looked hot as hell.
I get out, the cutie gets out (and hot wasn't the word for her, she was smokin') and finally the hittee staggers out.
"What??!! You still alive?" I asked.
He didn't see the humor at all. "Call 911 and tell them that an off-duty police officer was involved in an accident and requires an ambulance."
Ambulance? Why do cops have to talk so uppity?
The hottie got this shocked look on her face. "Omigod, I just hit a cop. Omigod, omigod, omigod. I am SO screwed."
"Hey, it could be worse." I said after a second. "You could've hit a fucking lawyer."
Nobody had a sense of humor that day.


Scott McCray said...

That's funny, don't care who ya are!

Skip said...

Shoulda told the po po to make his own call...while you got the vital information from the hottie [name, address,phone number, spitter or swallower, etc.]

wirecutter said...

Spitter or Swallower? Not all women dip Copenhagen Skip, although that would be an added bonus.