Thursday, June 10, 2010

I hate that dog

I went into my garage tonight for the first couple of weeks and was amazed at the wreckage CharlieGodammit had wreaked. My 30 gallon air compressor was on its' side, my Kennedy toolbox was off the bench, my cut-off saw was destroyed, both of my welders were on the other side of the garage and my chainsaw case was chewed to pieces.
"Let's see how tough you really are, motherfucker", I said as I opened what was left of the chainsaw case as I prepared to fire up the saw and scare the shit out of him.
What I saw chilled me to the bone. He chewed the chain in half. Chainsaw chains are made of steel. God help me. Please.
In addition to putting a dog box in my truck, I'm also bricking up the hole in my garage this weekend.


Birdieguy said...

Easy buddy.. Dogs chew on stuff - any stuff

ibeam said...

That is one bad-ass dawg!

Skip said...

That is one tough fuckin' set of jaws.
Welders, compressor?
WTF..he go's 300lbs?
If you bring 'im down for some shooting What do we chain him to..a tank?

Anonymous said...

Lucky man!!!
You got ya a hell of a dog
Paul in Texas