Sunday, June 13, 2010

I'm still puzzled

I'm still trying to figure out why I spent the evening completely sober.
Let's see:
I had beer in the icebox, I had a few bucks in my pocket, I had nothing else going on and I damned sure didn't have a date.
I spent my evening listening to Willie and reading a good book.


jonboy said...

almost the same here,no booze,good book(killer angles),instead of willie,flint michigan police/fire on the your blog alot,thanks!!

Anonymous said...

I could think of worse ways to spend a Saturday evening than reading or listening to Willie (I was listening to the Red Headed Stranger last night myself, but I was drinking). I've spent a few months worth of Saturday nights in prison, a couple in county lockup, the hospital, assorted shooting galleries(not the gun kind), or just sleeping off a bad day in the back seat of my car in some random field. Those days are loooooong gone, nowadays a Saturday night in a comfy chair with a good book or good music playing (or even whippin' the wife's ass in Wii tennis) makes me happier'n a pig in shit.

Anonymous said...

Wish I'd followed your example ... spent Sat night drinking whiskey and dry and shooting pool with mates, next thing the suns coming up. Its Monday morning here and I'm still feeling seedy.


Skip said...

Crashed early, up at five, slammed some coffee, a good dump, swing by a donut shop for breakfast, and head to the gun club to shoot trap with my buds.
A good day.

Anonymous said...

Must have been an epidemic. Not a drop on Saturday. Watched some violence on the UFC fights and woke up early Sunday and took the dirtbikes to the track with my son.

Hog Whitman said...

"Icebox"? You're obviously from solid Oakie stock. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing.

Nobody says "Icebox" anymore, although I used to have a girlfriend who did... till I shot her. You don't happen to call your TV the "Electric Picture Box" too?

Just wondering.