Tuesday, July 27, 2010

And how's YOUR day going?


orbitup said...

He seems to be enjoying himself.

Captcha = rearcul

BillyBob said...

When you see something like this it puts stuff into perspective. It could always get worse, you could have to jam your arm up a critters ass.

Tex said...

Wait... you are sticking your arm up the arse of a cow and getting "manure" all over you... and you have to wear a hairnet?

wirecutter said...

That's almost as bad as having to turn a calf to keep it from being breechborn.
Been there done that. Once.

Everett said...

That hairnet makes it easier to get the shit off your hair after it dries up a little.

It REALLY sucks when that old cow lets out a pussy fart and your nose it right in her ass!!

Er-- been there done that!!!

WV: endizat; As in, "which endizat the calf comes out?"