Thursday, July 29, 2010


You know what pisses me off worse than anything else?
I cannot believe that motherfucker Obama has the balls to wear an American Flag pin on his lapel. I mean, after all he's done to europanize this Nation, to socialize it, to change it, to islamize it and he wears that pin?


Skip said...

He didn't wear it until we the people reminded the the cocksucker. After a coupla monthes in office.
Who is the Protocol Advisor, some dick from Chigago?

Anonymous said...

Epitomy of a media whore.
Do we get more of the b.s. since I live 40 miles from D.C.? Or is it my imagination?

Ernie said...

So wait. You're saying you DON'T want him to wear am American flag on his lapel?

Will said...

I think you just created some new words there bud.

Everett said...

I'm a 30 year Navy Vet and I say,


wirecutter said...

Skip - What Anonymous said.
Anon - Yeah.
Ernie - I don't want the motherfucker to be President.
Will - I was fucked up. I couldn't think of the proper terms. But you get my drift.
Everett - Thank you so much for your Service to our Nation. YOU ROCK! and FUCK OBAMA back at ya.