Thursday, July 22, 2010

Just sayin'

You know what, I hate you.
I hate everything you say.
I hate everything you do.
I even hate your fucking dog.

You've done more to divide our great Country than every other president.
The biggest thing in my eyes is racism.
Racism was damned near non-existant to me until you took office. Now it seems like it's all I hear about.
Now it's all about some motherfucker in Connecticut whining because he broke into an (his) apartment, gave the the investigating officer a hard time and got arrested.
Now it's all about a conservative being called a racist because he disagrees with your policies.
Now it's all because Fox News is  wondering why the New Black Panthers weren't prosecuted for election intimidation.
Now it's all because the Tea Party is "suddenly" racist.
Now it's all about the Arizona bill that matches Federal LAW that is racist because it will "encourage" racial profiling.
Now it's all about a speech that your Ag offficial gave about HERSELF being racist and her being fired for being racist.
You know what, Motherfucker? I'm getting sick and damned tired of hearing about "race". WE ARE AMERICANS. Let that shit go. You have divided our Country with this bullshit.
Let. It. Go.


Skip said...

And he means to.
This ain't a dumb game they play, it's a plan.
Prepare 'Cutter, prepare.

Amusing Bunni said...

Agreed, Wirecutter. I love all dogs, but even I don't like this jerks dog. He had to go and name it after himself.

He won't leave this recism go, they are going to ramp it up even worse.