Monday, July 19, 2010

Tijuana - or maybe South Modesto

Coming to a neighborhood near you if they don't close our borders.


Ramon said...

Not just limited to South Modesto, Alabama has areas like this in along the main drag in north Huntsville!

Skip said...

South Hanford/Fresno/Bakersfield/LA/San Diego/etc./etc.

Anonymous said...

ummm can someone explain the problem here. Ive looked and looked at the pic and to me it just looks like a street with some cars parked and a few average buildings. Admittedly it doesn't look like a flash neighborhood but I dont see the connection with closing borders.


wirecutter said...

Dirt roads, corregated tin buildings and here in the States we park on the right hand side of the road (most states) facing the direction of traffic.
The connection being that if you import poverty, you end up with poverty.