Thursday, July 29, 2010


I passed my stone a few hours ago.
It must've been a small one, it didn't hurt as bad as I had heard. Other than feeling like somebody stuck a red hot clothes hanger up my dick, that is.
Thanks to all those that expressed their concern and especially to Tim who put a boot up my ass to get it checked out further.
Folks, pay attention to those weird symptoms - backaches, cramps, nausea, lack of desire to masturbate, slight fever, loss of appetite, etc.
It had been going on with me for a couple of days. Nothing that I would normally be concerned about - I thought I just had a bug. But when I started having a burning feeling when I pissed and it came out with a strange color......
But don't take my word for what it is. Like Tim says, it may be more serious. Get it checked out.
I've got an appointment with Doc on Monday.


Tom said...

Ken, I've had two of those !@%!^*#! kidney stones, and hurting like a sumbitch doesn't even come close... the best way I can describe it is it's like a charley horse that starts in your kidney and runs all the way down to your balls -- except that it cramps all the time and NEVER lets up. Had to have both of them surgically removed (put me out and went up the ol' drain pipe and pulled them out) and the second time I got a kidney / bladder / urinary tract infection that put me in the hospital for seven days... No thank you, Lord, but two was plenty! A urologist told me to cut back on carbonated beverages (used to drink about a case of Pepsi every three or four days, we won't even mention how much beer!) -- now I drink an occasional beer (whiskey and Bailey's are my best friends now), a 7-Up when I've had too much pizza. That's it. And knock on wood, but it's been 2-1/2 years and no more stones.

Damn, I feel for ya -- for ANYONE that's gotta suffer through kidney stones!


Bella said...

Ouch. I had to rush a friend of mine to the hospital from a kidney stone and he looked like a dog fucking a football because he was in so much pain. Take care of yourself Ken. I hope that's the end of them.

Deb said...

On the pain scale, a kidney stone is only second to labor, according to the medical community. Makes sense. Once you pass a kidney stone, you're done. Not so with the end result of labor. See? You were lucky!

Glad you are feeling better!

Anonymous said...

From Tom's story, I think I'd rather have another 11 pound baby!
Glad you're better for sure.

Will said...

I hope I never experience that shit, man.
If I do, i'll take some pictures to share with world.

Everett said...

Been dealing with these things for years. It is ALL in what you eat, and that depends on the type of stones, calcium or uric acid. If you have the calcium ones, consider yourself somewhat lucky. Uric acid ones are much harder to pass.

Have had many ESWL's (Extra Corporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy) over the years and more than a few fishing trips up the pipe with a telescope, laser, and some mechanical fingers to grab the little bastards and yank them out!!
Wait till they leave a "stent" in the pipe,(a little thin green tube full of holes about 14" long) and then you go to get it out. Most times it is not bad but sometimes------?

I have had many ladies who have had kids AND kidney stones, and without exception they all said the stones were worse than the babies BY FAR!!

Have you Urologist check to find out what the stones are made of and then a list of things you SHOULD NOT BE EATING. Then go down in the cellar and eat the end of your biggest gun!!

Just kidding!

wirecutter said...

Fuck after reading all this shit I'm almost ashamed to say that mine wasn't that bad. It must've been fairly smooth and small, because I never saw it.
Color me lucky......

Bella said...

That's good. Ya pissed out a pearl.