Friday, August 20, 2010

A coach named Bubba wouldn't have pulled this shit

DEARBORN, Mich. — A Michigan high school football team is holding preseason practices in the middle of the night to help its Muslim players practice both faith and football.

The predominantly Muslim squad from Dearborn says the nocturnal regimen is a way for players to eat and drink while observing the holy month of daytime fasting known as Ramadan that started last week.
The August heat also played a factor in Fordson High coach Fouad Zaban’s proposal to reverse the clock for a week of two-a-day practices.
Cutting practice wasn’t an option at football-crazy Fordson, which is coming off a one-loss season and has won four state titles and three runner-up seasons since it was established in 1928.
But nobody wanted to lessen the significance of Ramadan in the Detroit suburb widely known as the capital of Arab-America.
The moonlight practice is tailored for Adnan Restum and fellow Muslim teammates.

Thanks, Woody. I think...... I seriously thought you were fucking with me when you told me about this at work.


Amusing Bunni said...

This is very retarded. These POS's are trying to take over America. They are empowered w/ a muzzie in the WH. They suck. I hope their stupid team looses.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame the muslims don't have the same level of tolerance and understanding towards christians and jews.
Paul in Texas

Bella said...

Just got to pass on a joke that I heard today. LOL!

Business is booming

A friend of mine just started his own business, making landmines that look like prayer mats. He says business is booming, and prophets are going through the roof…

Anonymous said...

The fact is that we have a lot in common with the muslims.
They like to blow themselves up!
We like to blow them up!
Hell-- We should get along better.
Paul in Texas