Sunday, August 29, 2010

He must be dying

I stopped by my folks' house today when I was doing an ammo run. No truck, no answer at the door. Hounds were oustside. Nobody home.
So I called tonight and got Pops - Moms was headed to spend the night with her dad, Bud, who has been threatening to die on us for several years now but has really stepped up the pace lately, the motherfucker.
I mentioned that I stopped by and he said "Yeah, I was in the garage sneaking a sip of Scotch. I heard your boots but wasn't in the mood for company,"
Hey, I can understand that. Can't tell you how how many times I've hid from you.
Anyways, we got to talking, the longest conversation that I have ever had with my Pops. It must've lasted 15 minutes or so.
And I don't know why, I seriously don't, when I said my goodbyes I said "Okay Motherfucker, I'm outta here. I love you."
Fuck me if he didn't say "I love you too, Dickhead."
I'm 51 years old and he finally said it........... I knew he did, but to hear him say it?