Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I'm getting wound up

You know what? For years, motherfucking years, we've been told that we need to be sensitive to the muslims. We need to respect their beliefs. We need to be tolerant. We need to be nice.
Check this shit out. FUCK THEM and their mosque at Ground Zero. It's about motherfucking time they need to be more sensitive to us. They need to be respectful of us. They need to understand that to every red-blooded American, that is sacred fucking ground. Thousands of AMERICANS died there!
How many of you did NOT feel a chill that Tuesday morning when you saw that shit going down? How many of you stayed glued to your TVs? How many of you could not fucking believe it when the second jet hit the other tower, when the buildings collapsed?
Now these motherfuckers think it's okay for them to construct a building of worship near that site?
The only thing that even equals this is the Feds (cocksuckers!) wanted to try that fucking arab that planned the bombing within sight of the site of the buildings that he brought down. Do you seriously think it's going to make him feel remorse to be tried there? Hell NO!!!! He's gonna be sitting there looking at the skyline where the WTC used to be thinking "Yeah you bitch-ass infidels, look what I did!"
And Pelosi (motherfuckers, don't EVEN get me started on her) wants to open an investigation on whoever funded the opposition to the construction of the mosque. You know what? Investigate me, bitch. I oppose it and I oppose it for free.


BillyBob said...

You are 100% correct! We have been tolerant of those dickheads. We aren't the ones chopping people's heads off. What the fuck are we supposed to think when the "good" muslims don't condemn the actions of the "bad" muslims? They are all about the same to me, and I learned all I needed to know about them on 9/11.

BTW - Fuck pelosi, what a dumbass. I'm protesting that fucking mosque too, for free...

Anonymous said...

Good gawd you're on a roll Wirecutter! You took the words (and sentiment) right outa my mouth.

Just John said...

Deport every last one of those America-hating pieces of shit!