Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'm in heaven

Sonofabitch, I can't think of nothing that tastes better than a cold Busch beer going over a dip of Copenhagen from a freshly opened can after a hard days' work..
Now how Okie does that sound?


orbitup said...

I think it would be more Okie if it were a Natty Lite. But I'm from Texas so what do I know.

longrooffan said...

I remember, some things, and one of them was back in the late 70's/early 80's and living in the Ozarks, all my buddies and I drank Busch. In my hometown, Springfield, MO, Busch was something like $14 a case. I had a sister who lived in NW Florida. One time while visiting, I noticed AB was introducing Busch to the state of Florida and was selling a 24 pack "suitcase" for $6.99 per. I loaded up the bed of my Mazda B2000 with sixty cases, thanks to funding from a funloving Uncle, headed back to MO and sold those suitcases for $12 bucks per. Almost funded my whole damn Florida vacation. And I did it many more times! Thanks for kicking that memory back, Knuckledragger!! Remember, the only thing better than a cold Busch is a warm bush. Oh Yeah, Fuck Obama.

Will said...

I gotta go with busch light...helps the gut ya know. But that's the way i try to do it every day if i can. Cold Busch light and a good fresh dip....mmmmmmmmm!