Tuesday, August 03, 2010

National Night Out

Tonight is National Night Out, you know, where all the neighbors get together and meet each other, talk about their fear of crime and how they can prevent it with a Neighborhood Watch program.
Fuck that.
My neighborhood is having a kegger. Not only that, but we're doing it at a park in another neighborhood.
A bird don't shit in it's own nest, ya know.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, the local 'rags' here in 'Merlin' (Maryland) are treating the events here last evening as front page news. It just makes the organizers and neghbors have a 'feel good moment' and they walk away patting each other on the backs. What a joke. And, then it's crime as usual.
What's also amusing, and we get the stories all the time, is in "Balmer" (Baltimore) when someone has been murdered, all the locals and relatives gather to protest the violence to drum up sympathy for their plight. Start with the courts and keep the thugs off the streets. Reminiscent of the t.v. series, "The Wire" actually filmed in Balmer.

Deb said...

I'm the only one under the age of 83 on my street. It'll be just me, the dog and my BB gun protecting the crime-ridden streets of midcoast Maine.

Woo Hoo! Good times!