Friday, August 27, 2010


What in the flying fuck is the matter with you people? I asked for dog pictures and I got 3. THREE. Now I know that some of you have sent yours in last time I asked and that's cool. I ain't going off on you. I posted them and they're in the archives.
But check this shit out. I get about 400 readers a day. Damned near everybody I know owns a dog. That means 397 of you motherfuckers are slacking off.
Goddammit, if I asked for titty pics of your ex-wives, my inbox would be flooded. I'd even get dick pics of ex-husbands from the ladies. BTW, send the titty pics, hold the dick pics.
Hey, I don't care what kinda dog you got. A fucking Dane, Chihuahua, a  Bloodhound, a furball Maltese. I don't care. My favorite dog of all time was my Hillary - half chihuahua/terrier mix that thought she was a pit bull.
And I thought my blog catered to Rednecks.......
Step up, motherfuckers.