Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ol' Yeller or CGD or whatever....

CharlieGodammit kinda sorta loves homeless dudes. At least once a week I realize that I ain't finished drinking but I am entirely too drunk to drive - tonight was a good example.
So I leash him up, walk him to the 7-11 about 5 blocks away and pass by the bus stop where there's at least one motherfucker hanging out.
"Feel like earning a buck or two?" I ask.
"Doing what?"
"Watch my dog while I score some beer. His name is Ol' Yeller."
I go in, grab a 3 pack of Tall Boys, come out and collect my dog, slip the motherfucker a couple of bucks and explain that he growls at everybody and not trip, sorry he snapped at him, then wait for him to try and rip off my place while calling my dog "Ol' Yeller."


cou9ar said...

you should teach him to growl and snarl when he hears "ol'yeller"
I have taught more then one of my dogs to play dead by yelling "bang" of course that was after I taught them to play dead then I just associated the action with the word

wirecutter said...

Naw, it's more fun when them guys walk up to HIS yard going "Hey, Yeller" with a big grin on their face..... It's already happened once.