Thursday, September 16, 2010

Check back later.

I'm too fucking tired, drunk and lazy to post anything toinght.


Amusing Bunni said...

Take a nice rest and relax, WC. One more day of work to go. I hope Charlie is healing from his accident. When do you take him for his "surgery". It will be for the best, then he'll calm down and not be so aggressive.

Sweet Dreams and God Bless.

Jim said...

Hey man....keep on keepin on!! I'm the goofy bastard that has bruno as a dog and I sent ya a bunch of hooters girls on on a Helo pad with a penguin..member??...well I live in Girard PA..just a mile off lake Erie..and the Steelhead are about to start their I'm going fishing soon and I'll send ya some pics..I'm all goobered up tonight and thought I'd holler at ya any way...Fuck Obama!! :)

thegunslinger said...

everyone deserves a night off every now and then

longrooffan said...

What's up Man? All those chickadees wear you out?