Monday, September 06, 2010

Damn, y'all......

Fuck, I just made that post about my comments so you wouldn't trip when you commented and it went to moderation. I did not even expect the support that you showed. I got comments from folks that had never commented before! I mean, even Skeeter from showed up!
I'm touched, sniff sniff.
I can even feel the jizz dripping down mah laig.

But the fact is that my opinion is my opinion. And yeah, I'll admit I can be wrong. My buddy Woody will tell you I'm wrong A LOT.
Hey, I distrust your government. I distrust the police as a whole. I distrust my own fucking mother.

But you know what? Ronning just might be guilty. I don't know. If he is, then that's a side that I've never seen. But unlike Mikey I'm not going to try him, convict him, and sentence him solely on the basis of a fucking newspaper article.
As one of the commenters mentioned:
Ruby Ridge.

And I almost forgot.
Fuck Obama

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