Thursday, September 09, 2010

Fuck Mikey

Okay, check this shit out.
I figured the DOJ bullshit out. For them that don't know, go down a few posts.
I was wondering why DOJ would google me instead of using that high-speed secret-squirrel shit they have. Then I flash back to that punk Mikey. For them that don't know, go down a little further.
He had told me that he knew several Federal Agents (like that's something to be proud of) and that he worked in Law Enforcement. Also mentioned the "thin blue line" like I was supposed to fucking impressed or something. So naturally I assumed he was a cop. Wrong wrong wrong.
I did a little checking here and there with the information sitemeter gave me and found out he lives within 30 minutes of D.C. I went a little further and found out he works for DOJ.
Basically what happened was Mikey took a break from viewing porn on our dime to google me trying to dig up dirt. What he found and where he fucked up was a series of comments that I made at my good friend Debs' website,
If you're interested in reading the post go to:
The shit is fucking funny. Read the post and especially the comments following.  I mean, who in the fuck would name their kid Jihad?
You'll recognize my comments by my dry wit, my grasp of political history and plus I posted under the handle Wirecutter.
So, I'm sorry that I ain't on a list.
But I'm still trying dammit.

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