Thursday, September 30, 2010

How does a family get picked for an Obama backyard chat?

You wanna come to my backyard, motherfucker? I'll be exercising my 2nd Amendment Rights, serving nothing but pork and inviting Woody.
I guarantee you'll never come back again, bitch.

How does a family get picked for an Obama backyard chat? A nice yard helps.
By Holly Bailey

In recent weeks, President Obama has stepped out from behind the podium and taken his message on the economy to backyards around the country. He turns up at these gatherings in shirtsleeves and no tie to field questions from average American citizens.
It's a move aimed in part at reviving the president's dismal poll numbers, which now show that most of the country disapproves of Obama's job performance and believes him to be out of touch with its economic problems.
But do you ever wonder how the White House chooses where the president will go?
It's not random. So far, the White House has chosen backyards in swing states that not only will be the chief political battleground in 2010 but also will probably play a big role in 2012, including Iowa, Ohio, New Mexico and Virginia.
According to administration officials, advance teams pick a place and then begin scouting for families, sometimes based on recommendations of Obama allies.
Last week, John and Sandy Clubb of Beaverdale, Iowa, received a phone call from a White House staffer informing them they were one of seven families being considered to host Obama's trip Wednesday to Des Moines.
The Clubbs told CNN's Suzanne Malveaux that they were mystified at how they made the list. While both are registered Democrats and had supported Obama in '08, neither had actively campaigned for the president.
Maybe it was because they both work in education: Sandy is the athletic director at Drake University, while John is a former firefighter who now teaches social studies and religion at Holy Trinity Catholic School.
In the end, though, the deciding factor appears to have been how the Clubbs' house looked on camera. "It all came down to your backyard," Sandy Clubb says a White House staffer told her.


Brian said...

Pulled pork w/ Bacon toppers. I'll be expressing my 1st Admendment Rights also. What a piece of Shit! If only voters had spent 5 minutes looking at his lack of accomplisments we wouldn't be in this mess.

Deb said...

Why doesn't he go visit his Aunt Zeituni in Boston? She came here from Kenya in 2000 as an illegal alien, applied for political asylum in 2002 and was rejected in 2004.

She lived in section 8 housing, received welfare, food stamps, free health care and whatever else she could suck away, all without ever contributing a cent.

The judge involved in her case told her to leave the country, but she thumbed her nose at that, hired a top immigration attorney from Ohio even though she claimed she was destitute, saying "Jesus provides" or something to that nature.

Earlier this year she was granted asylum by a different judge.

Aunt Zeituni's response to why she feels it's OK to suck off the system? "If I come as an immigrant, you have the obligation to make me a citizen."

So, now that we've fulfilled our obligation and she is no longer an illegal alien, she should use her food stamps to give BO one hell of a cookout in her own backyard. After all, we're paying for many ways.

Jonathan Elias, a reported for WBZ in Boston, did an expose on this moron this past week. If you have enough blood pressure meds, you can read more here:

Tattoo Jim said...

Why, he's more than welcome in my back yard here at the OBX! It's called the Atlantic Ocean.
Football time!!! Go deep for a long pass, Obama... deeper!!!! No! Even deeper!!!!! Keep going!! I'll just run out to Wal-Mart and buy that football while your treading water... right after my nap.