Friday, September 03, 2010

I hate the Feds

The BATF hit my favorite gun shop yesterday.
I've been going there through 2 1/2 owners (I quit going there when Joe bought the place, he once sold me a rifle that was reported destroyed by ATF the year AFTER I bought it from him - after he sold out I started trading there again), I mean it's been 30 fucking years.
I have been in the shop at least 3 times a week since Ronnie bought the place, shooting at the range, hanging out, shooting the shit and I have never ever seen anything that even remotely could be construed as illegal.
And you folks have seen my pictures, don't I look like the motherfucker that you would sell something illegal to?
One more thing before you pass judgement:
Modesto and area is the place where the Feds fuck up the most. They thought that some tweekers were responsible for the Yosemite killings. They thought that Road Dog Cycles was a major criminal enterprise. Now they think that Ronning Arms is running guns and silencers?
Give me a fucking break.
Why in the hell would any FFL holder risk his business and life for a couple of thousand bucks?
Fuck you. I can make a 3 shot silencer for 2 dollars, a 1 shot silencer for 29 cents and a shitload of unlimited shot silencers in my garage (which is an average garage) for next to nothing?
I will keep you all posted and if I turn out to be wrong I will post a picture of CharlieGodammit in a pair of ladies drawers, a thong if I can find one with a 5 inch wide ass.


Amusing Bunni said...

The feds suck. I hope they don't mess up your fav gun store, it sounds like a great place to hang out!

Halloween is fast approaching, and that get-up would make a funny costume for Charlie! So, you can still dress him up for our entertainment ;-)

Ernie said...

Hell yeah the Feds suck. I mean who cares if he sold guns
to undercover agents and people posing as on documented Mexicans. It was a cool place to hang out and they ruined it for you, that's what is important.

ezgoers said...

I guarantee you the feds got one or more of the gun shops good customers on some other bs fed charge. Then they say "we can help you with this 10 year sentence if you help us with this gun shop guy." Then the snitching begins.
Its the way they work.

BillyBob said...

ernie, your kind of a smartass. Well, there really isn't any "kind of" to it...

wirecutter said...

See, Ernie gets it!
Right on, Bro.

Skip said...

Ernie, go back to The Daily Kos and stay the fuck out of Ken's house.