Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's his night to howl

So I changed the batteries in the only electronic howler I own and test it out only to hear this howl from the other side of the room. Yes, I had a camera handy and caught this for you.
He's so fucking doped up he can't even lift his head but he can damned sure respond to that fawn bleating and a coyote howling.



drjim said...

Good to see CGD made it through his surgery!

orbitup said...

That's funny!

YOLO said...

for god sakes, let the poor dog rest, you'd howl too if someone chopped off your nuts!!

Bella said...

Ouch, poor CGD! I hope he's feeling better today. He's gonna get you back, you know.

Tattoo Jim said...

I think I howled like that a few times back in the day while I was getting my nuts off... now I just howl like that whenever I try to stand up... poor pup!

Dan O. said...

Yep. Heard him clearly.

Leave me the fuck alooooooooone, motherfuckerrrrrrrrrrrr.