Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kids killing coyotes

I got an email from Predator Quest telling me that they have developed a smaller version of their coyote calls for the young-uns.
You can check it out here:

Now, how fucking cool is that? Ol' Les is making a call that will fit a childs' hand and mouth.
Think about it. Deer season lasts a few very short weeks here in Kalifornia, dove season is split (and short) pheasant season is short and while pig hunting is open year round, land to hunt pigs (and everything else) is at a premium.
So basically the youngsters are spending quality time with their folks in a stand or field doing nothing and just dying to shoot that gun.
But coyote hunting? That shit is wide open. The motherfuckers are everywhere. I've seen 'em trotting across the 9th street bridge in the middle of town in the early morning hours.
 I've got a couple pieces of property close by that I shoot. The nearest public land is an hour or so away, but you know what? There's more fucking coyotes on it than deer, yet it's packed with hunters during deer season and nothing the rest of the year. Guess what? Shoot more goddamn coyotes and you'll have more deer.
So what I'm trying to say is check this shit out. Take them kiddies coyote hunting whether you look at Les' site or not. I can guarantee you that they will have more action with that than damned near any other type of hunting if you do a little homework and learn about coyotes.
Besides, it's every father and grandfathers' dream to have youngsters that skulk around the woods in the middle of the night killing shit, right?


RichardR said...

Agreed! If I could agree more than 100%, I would!!!! Oh, and FUCK YOU OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!! Even your name gets a red line under it when I spell it anywhere I go. You gotta go.

wirecutter said...

You're on a list, my friend. Congratulations, my friend.

drjim said...

Ahhhh.the joys of a "Target Rich Environment"!

wirecutter said...

Fucking coyotes are everywhere!!!
They're like muslims and illegal aliens.

Will said...

I'll make alot of noise (like, BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!.....usually BOOM!, but you get the idea)when a coyote walks by while in my deer stand just to kill one of them fuckers. We have millions of 'em!
What's funny is, I've had a doe walk up not 3 mins. after I shot one before.