Tuesday, September 28, 2010

No more Tweekers

Cbullitt and Bella both hammered me on my last "Tweekers" post from 2 different directions, a classic pincers operation. Kinda sorta makes me wonder if they teamed up on me.
Bella mentioned a dear, dear friend that had passed away and cbullitt reminded me that we've all either been there ourselves or had close friends that have and it was time to drop that shit and celebrate those that are still living. Plus he wanted to see more titties.
You got it. No more of that shit unless they're doing something that makes you go "What the fuck.....?"
I've always said that I do this blog for me and not you, but I value both of these folks' thoughts.


Tom said...

Wirecutter, ya can't go wrong with titties and beer!!

wirecutter said...

I KNOW, HUH??????

cbullitt said...

Now That's the ticket, Kenny...well that's what I'd probably get from the cops for diving on her ˆn a public place and all.
SMR Titties.

Tattoo Jim said...

Mmmmmmmm..... titties!!!! Now those are what I call "tweekers"!!!!!!

Bella said...

Ok, no more tweekers but any chance of some nice looking buns or 6 packs for the Ladies? Just asking.