Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nut-cuttin' and buryin'

Well, it's been one of those days and it ain't but half done with yet. Not an exceptional bad day, but it could've gone better.

CharlieGodammit had to be at the vets' by 7 AM for his nut-cuttin' so I was up by 5 so I could shower, shave, drink coffee and fuck with him about it. He knew something was up and kept his distance, though.
I loaded him up and headed to Empire which is where my new vet is located. Now yesterday when drove past the Empire fire station the trucks came rolling out with sirens blaring and CGD just had to get in on that, so he howled the rest of the way to the vets' office.
Today as we roll past the firehouse, he starts howling again even though there wasn't a truck in sight. That shit was funnier than hell and if he makes a habit of it I'll get a video of it to post.
Anyways, I get him into the office and I explain how LadyDoc is fixing to take his manhood away but not to worry - my ex took mine away and it eventually came back.
I gotta pick him back up at 4 PM.

I go back home, change clothes and head back out to Empire again to bury my Grandpa Bud.
As I pull into the graveyard chapels' parking lot, my phone goes off. It's my little brother and he tells me to stay in the truck and he'd be right out. So I wait for him.
When he gets to the truck he looks in the bed, sticks his head in the cab and sniffs, then calls somebody.
"No, he's cool. Not in camouflage, nothing dead in the bed and don't smell like livestock."
"Can I go in now, motherfucker?"
"Yes, Mom cleared you."
Cleared me? Fucking cleared me???
So I wander into the chapel, give Mom a dirty look and shoot Dad the finger. He shrugs and fires one back at me and grins.
I'm sitting about halfway back, with various family members when the service starts. All in all it wasn't bad - Okie preacher, Okie relatives, Okie music, Okie corpse. I felt at home.
At one point the preacher mentioned something about Buds' temper and how it was his way or the highway and that got a laugh as well as a couple of Amens, a Hell Yeah, and a Fuckin' A from somewhere behind me.
And they had a slideshow with about a million pictures of him throughout his life. I gotta admit, there were some badass pictures - him picking in the fields when he was 10 or 12, driving trucks back in the 50s, lots of family, shit like that. I'll post some of them when I get my copy of the DVD.
After the indoor service we headed to the grave for his military honors. Mom had asked me if I wanted to be a pallbearer and I refused. He had enough grandsons that I could pass on that. But when my little brother walked by he asked "How did you get out of this shit?"
I just smiled and told him "I don't own a white shirt."
Truth be known, I carried enough fucking coffins already. Now that I'm old I can always use a bad knee/hip/back as an excuse.
One more thing - when the honor guard gave him his 21 gun salute I started laughing, poked my uncle and told him that old habits die hard. As soon as the detail was dismissed, they immediately started policing their brass.

Okay. I gotta go pay my monthly ransom to my ex before she starts calling and threatening me, then a little housework and then I got to drive back out to Empire yet again (it's a 20 mile round trip) to get my de-nutted dog. Not to mention some shopping and cooking. I'll be lucky enough if I have time to drink any beer tonight.

Hope your day goes better.


Lula said...

Sounds like he was sent off well. R.I.P. Bud

Anonymous said...

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