Friday, September 03, 2010

Political shit

Okay, check this shit out.
Come November, the Republicans are for sure going to gain control of the House and I figure they have a 50/50 shot at the Senate.
I don't think The Obamessiah is going to run for re-election in 2012. I think he knows he's a one-shot deal and I don't think his ego will take a defeat, so he's gonna find a reason to not run. Plus if the Republicans take control of the House and possibly the Senate, he's gonna fucked every time he turns around. That's gonna piss him off.
The Republicans - fuck, there's a bunch of great people out there to fill the position. I'm thinking maybe Bachmann, possibly Palin, a slight chance that Gingrich might give it a shot. Out of those three, Michelle Bachmann has my vote. She's got nice tits, although Newt runs a close second there.
Seriously, though. I really think that The Dream has ended, Hope and Change was a fantasy, and Obamessiah is outta here.


orbitup said...

Some are saying that the dems will try to put Hillary in the White House.

I like Newt too, but I don't think he will run.

wirecutter said...

She'll lose.
But you know, as much as I dislike her I will admit that she would've been a better choice than The Obamessiah.

Amusing Bunni said...

I think you are right on all these ideas, WC.
Obummer even said in a speech the other day when he was lecturing the servicemen/women something to the effect "as long as I remain pResident".
So, he KNOWS the jig is up!
I hope he gets lost ASAP.

Nico said...

Gingrich? Gingrich?!?! Seriously? The guy supports doing something about "global warming"! Hell no. Hell no! Repeat after me: hell no! Besides, he knew how to win in 94, but not how to govern because he lacks the political skills to govern, and even now is not coming across anymore as someone who knows how to win. No, absolutely not.

Now, Bachmann, yeah, she'll do.

Also, I agree. I don't think Obama will survive in 2012, the way Clinton did in '96. There's no chance now, and everyone knows it (you get the feeling that the dems knew it back in November 2008, that pissing everyone off was their plan all along). Will Hillary run? Will anyone care? The main issue, really, is who the reps will run, and whether they decide to ignore the tea leaves in the next two years.

Even then, the economy will still be screwed in 2013, and the reps will be saddled with a situation where they'll have to make decisions that will cost them subsequent elections. It's going to be a very interesting decade...

But please, let Gingrich retire, and the sooner the better.