Monday, September 06, 2010

Sorry 'bout that

Sorry, but I had to change how my comments work.
Go back to my post about Hate, hate, hate the Feds and read the comment by Mike.
He claims to be a cop (thin blue line and all that) but I doubt it. He doesn't have the temperament that you'd expect from a professional.
Anyways, Mikey apparently can't read or feels that rules don't apply to him, specifically the part about (and I quote):
This blog is not a forum. I have my views and I ain't changing them. Read my blog for enjoyment and take it the way it was meant - humor.
Any political statements are going to be conservative.
If I pissed you off, sorry 'bout that. Take your shitty comments down the road.
He's left several asinine comments and rants. When he went over the top, I deleted them. It's my blog, I can do that. Then he posted a comment calling me a coward. I trashed that too.
Seeing as I do have a day job (lucky me) and can't delete Mikeys' tantrums while at work, I changed my settings so that all comments have to be moderated by me before publishing.
Sorry I had to do that but I assumed we were all grown-ups here.