Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tweekers. Yeah, we got 'em here too.


Bella said...

I just got back from a celebration of life for a friend that got into crack at 60. 5 years later, he's dead. He was an amazing guy with a beautiful family and blew it all. I went to see him in the hospital last Thurs. and he was 80 lbs., shoulder length hair, chest length beard and no teeth. Everyone tried to save him but he was hell bent on destroying himself. RIP Dennis. Yeah, we got 'em here too.

wirecutter said...

That's fucked up.
Back in '82 I hooked up with some boys that were into crank, weed and guns. Goddamn, we were tight. We'd live and die for each other, proved it many times over. We would trust each other with our lives, wives and kids.
There's 2 out of 14 of us left alive. Gunfights, cuttings, ODs, car wrecks, and heart attacks - it don't make no difference. There's only me and TJ left standing.

cbullitt said...

Kenny it's time to get that tweeker off the fucking page.

We all got stories of friends who didn't make it through the dope days. We're here because we did--by the skin of our teeth, some of us. And there still ain't no guarantees.

Put some tits up there. Celebrate the living.