Saturday, September 11, 2010

Wanna play games?

Charlie growled at me tonight. He was hit by a cop car earlier tonight (barely hit, more later) but the fact of the matter is he growled at me.
We were on the floor, I growled at him like I had a million times before and the motherfucker growled me back. Then I woofed him and he actually snapped at me.
I jammed him to the floor (gotta remember he's Buhund and American Husky, needs a very dominant man) and he stalked away from me snarling. What the fuck?
The only reason (and I'm fucking serious here) that he's still alive after that bullshit was that a fucking cop car rolled him earlier. I'll cut him some slack for a minute because if that.
But let the motherfucker jams me up again and his brains will be fertilizing the begonias.
I will take no shit off no dog.

1 comment:

Lula said...

Right there with ya brother. Ain't gonna be no dog's bitch!