Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Coyote Facts Everybody Needs To Know

Welcome to my new feature - Coyote Facts.
Learn while you can before I either run out of facts or get bored with it.

The range of the coyote in North America before the europeans showed up was limited to an area between the Rockies and Sierras and south to where the US/Mexico border supposedly is today. Yes, they extended down into Mexico but I'm talking Norte Americana, Senor. They also inhabited a thin strip of the Canadian prairie just north of the border.
By 1940, they extended into western Canada, up into southern Alaska and into the Great Lakes region in both the US and Canada.
Today, you can find the mangy motherfuckers all along southern to mid-Canada from coast to coast, and every state of the Union except Hawaii and just as soon as I can figure out how to get a couple of breeding pairs over there, we'll have some fine coyote hunting right there in Wakiki too.


Just John said...

Just offer to donate some to the zoo over there, then go over and spring 'em.

Ramon said...

Coyote hunting is big in northeast MO (NEMO) where I lived fo a number of years. It was sort of like coon hunting, just turn the dogs loose and follow the sounds. Lots of fun and lots of beer. However, you need to be cautious when mixing the two.

Anonymous said...

....and the ferral hogs are running wild in Texas. Natural predators, which are few and far between, need to return, but that's not in the cards. it's screwed up.

VC said...

Deb said...

Happy ky-OH-tee hunting!


That's my comment.

Now don't kick that cat-butt-licking dog of yours 'cause your butt could be his next target.

LC Aggie Sith said...

Heard them here in my neighborhood just north of San Antonio. First time I'm at your blog, and already love it :)

Everett said...

Well, so far out here where I live, they haven't figured out how to navigate 15 miles of shark infested water successfully. Damn, I could use some .30-06 practice! Fuck obama!!

Scheme Factory said...

i love killing coyotes. 6 in the last 18 months. will be cranking up the hunt soon, hrer in oregon the hunt is best in late winter. awooo!

Steamboat McGoo said...

Popped a total of two of the fuckers this year - because they ate my cats! They don't come much around anymore.

At least I think they ate my cats. Might have been birds of prey - owls or red-tailed hawks.

But I'm not popping any birds, so I might as well blame the coyotes!

Did it with an AR-15 shootin' JSP's. Killed 'em and cleaned 'em with one round.
"Now class, here you see the entire alimentary canal, laid out in a string by Mr. McGoo earlier today. This effect was achieved by a direct frontal shot - the round penetrating between the shoulders, proceeding directly rearward through the long axis of the torso, and exiting via its poo-pipe - bringing the internal guttyworks with it."

zion's trumpet said...

Really enjoy those coyote facts and adventures. Have to go with you sometime if I find myself out in your parts. ZTW over at Zion's Trumpet