Sunday, October 17, 2010

First Butts

Left to right - Princess Letizia of Spain, French first lady Carla Bruni and, yep, you guessed it.


Tattoo Jim said...

From left to right... OH! OH! Damn... talk about knocking your dick in the dirt... even a little blue pill wouldn't do any good... lets just slide back over to the left again... Oh my goodness!!!

Anonymous said...

letizia always looks good even from behind. lol

Ted said...

Well the only problem with the photo is that it is a Photo shop job. I have no doubt that the proportion and posture is correct. But the three of them were not on the steps at the same time.


sonnyjdean said...

you aint posted up any babes in a long time and then you give us this!

MauserMedic said...

Looks like it should have a plough hitched to it.