Saturday, October 30, 2010


I'm so fucked up tonight it ain't funny.
I've been through 5 chapters on my new coyote book only to realize that I was reading Petersons' Field Guide. I started on coyotes and ended  up on sea lions. I thought it kinda sorta strange that them coyotes eat salmon and hang out in kelp.
With a little luck I can find and focus on a camel toe picture for Will and the boys before the night is out.


Will said...

I had one of them nights last night myself.

Brian said...

That explains why I had to dragg you from the pacific surf while you keep blowing the otter call. Barely got away from the eco-turds in Monterey. Fish and Game also said to tell you no hunting in a Marine Perserve.

wirecutter said...

I thought the Bigfoot or Game Warden or an ugly hooker had me by the neck.
Sorry 'bout punching you in the nuts.
And I don't know why you can't shoot at sea lions, there's more of them fuckers on the coast than there are dummycrats.

Brian said...

Punching me didn't hurt, When you have big brass ones like mine they just sound like a bell tolling.