Sunday, October 24, 2010

Image is everything in your job, Barry.

You know what has been increasingly pissing me off about the Obamessiah? Seriously?
Him and Lady Obamas' casual look - especially his. Him doing public appearances with an open collar and shirt sleeves rolled up like he is one of us.
You know what, motherfucker? You aren't one of us and you will never, ever rise up to my level. You haven't done a days' manual labor in your adult life. You have never hoped that your paycheck will beat the electric bill cut-off notice to the house. You've never done without so your kids or elderly parents will have what they need.
So quit acting like you're one of the common folk. You're not fooling anybody.
You're the leader of the most powerful nation on earth. Act like it and dress the part.


Tango said...

I've been there done that in regards to 'doing without' for the benefit of others. Obama has, too. He's made sure some have done without so his Auntie can stay in the US.

mel said...

hell yeah!!!
Well said.

drjim said...


Skip said...

Fuckin' punk got nothing to put in a suit. As in empty.