Wednesday, October 06, 2010

So much for loyal readers

Okay, check this shit out.
I don't demand a whole hell of a lot from you motherfuckers but somebody better comment on my coyote facts post (killin' them motherfuckers is near and dear to my heart) or I'm gonna go out and kick my dog.
Yeah Mom, I've been drinking. What in the fuck are you gonna do about it?


Anonymous said...

I'm going to kick your dog, you asshole.
Sober up and come for lunch tomorrow.

wirecutter said...

Only if you have some good sowbelly bacon.

Anonymous said...

Used to average 20-25 coyotes a year. Bought a Jack and Jenny to keep the fuckers away from the calves. Worked good, but they started going after my wifes ducks and geese.
I guess the Jack and Jenny didn't give a shit about the birds, and the birds were too dumb to get on the stock pond.
Never had to call the coyotes, just watched from the front porch. They never seemed to learn that 300 yards wasn't far enough away. Used a Browning BLR in .243
Definately knocked them on their ass.
Paul in Texas

LC Aggie Sith said...

Good lord, you are funny. I hate the sonsabitches too.

Skip said...

Haven't seen or heard a yote around here in a long time.
Damn I miss rolling them.