Saturday, October 02, 2010

That's why I read the comments too

I got this via email from a reader that didn't leave his name. Thanks, though. It would've been better had he used a Smartcar instead of an AK copy.

A comment on an article written by a professor at UT about the recent suicide by madman there.

Article written by a UT Professor.  I found the link on another forum. One of the comments there was, "What would the author's response be if someone replaced 'AK-47' in the second to last paragraph with 'Prius' ". The fastest response team in the world couldn't have gotten there before the Prius madman had run over dozens of students. [/quote]
Indeed. Someone got it, One down, and only infinity left to go.
stay safe.

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da_truth36 said...

Hilarious, every comment shredded his ass for that article, even one from a self professed bleeding heart liberal.