Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Time to start studying, folks.

Election Day is coming and it's coming quick.
Do yourself and every other American a favor. Be prepared when you vote whether it's at the polls or by absentee ballot. Get a sample ballot, study the issues and the candidates. If you vote at the polls, take the motherfucker with you so you can refer to it once you get in the booth.
Hey, I don't know if you're a Republican, a fucking Democrat, Libertarian, Independent, Green, Red or whatever. That's your choice. But however you vote, I'm just asking that you are informed when you go to the polls.

A case in point: I was dating a girl shortly after the presidential elections. Now, I had no idea what her political leanings were - I suspected to the right because if some of her opinions - but I hadn't asked because she had such a nice ass and I didn't want to blow it off yet. But the day arrived and she mentioned that she had voted for Obama because "we had to get Bush out of office."
I couldn't fucking believe it. I mean, did she not pay attention in Government class in high school? She never heard of term limits? She couldn't even name the Republican candidate. Yet she voted. Ordinarily I'd give somebody credit for voting but in this case? Uh, no. She couldn't take one evening and check things out.
Shit started going downhill real quick between us after that, nice ass or not.

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melody said...

What a maroon!
Well I worked with a chick that didn't know if she wanted to vote for Obama because he was black like her or Hilary because she was a woman. (this was the primaries, of course).
And I said well, do you know where either of them stand on any issue? She said no, and so??? I said but you apparently know you're a democrat. She said well I guess, I don't know.

OH EM GEE, dude!