Saturday, October 02, 2010

US to issue a travel advisary for Europe

I gotta tell you, it's kinda hard to travel in Europe and stay away from transportation hubs seeing as you pretty much need to use them to get to the tourist sites and other places you shouldn't go to.
So basically we've got a small bunch of unbathed, uneducated, underfed religious zealots holding the entire world hostage.

By EILEEN SULLIVAN and MATT LEE, Associated Press Writers Eileen Sullivan And Matt Lee, Associated Press Writers

WASHINGTON – The Associated Press has learned the Obama administration is considering a broad warning for U.S. citizens to avoid public places in Europe due to new al-Qaida threats.
Such a move could have significant implications for European tourism.
U.S. officials told the AP on Saturday that the State Department may issue a travel warning as early as Sunday advising Americans to stay away from European tourist sites, transportation hubs and other facilities  for Europe because of new threat information.
State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley declined to comment on the matter. But he said the administration remains focused on al-Qaida threats to U.S. interests and will take appropriate steps to protect Americans.

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Bryn, North Wales, UK. said...

And of course it does no harm politically or economically for Americans to be spending their holiday money within US borders rather than elsewhere....... Quite a smart move, given the state of economies everywhere at the moment.

I live in an area which depends a great deal on tourism income, so I cannot help but wonder whether we will see a similar travel advisory issued on this side of the pond.