Saturday, November 20, 2010

The elephant in the room

A few days ago, a good friend of mine got hauled upstairs for making a remark that he had to load trucks "between two white guys". Okay, if you knew Curtis the way that we all in the room knew, you'd have laughed too. I mean, it was funny.
It was a fucking joke, but the boss in the office (Fat John)  decided that it was a way to be kiss some ass on the warehouse manager and went upstairs to report him.
What a fucking suckass.
To Toms' (the manager) credit, he down played it and just told Curtis to be cool around Fat John.
Today, I noticed that somebody had stolen a roll of shrinkwrap off my towmotor and reported to Fat John that a person of unknown race stole my wrap.
Seeing as 85% of the people at my warehouse are hispanic and fully 30% are illegal, I doubted he would report me.
It might have something to do that he is hispanic.......


Bella said...

It's all about respectful workplace now, isn't it? Except the ones that whisper the crap to you. No witnesses. The other guys know how to stir the pot but you know how to serve it back to them, don't you.

Tattoo Jim said...

Gee, that sounds kind of familiar. Back when I was still working, I forwarded a joke, via email, to several friends at work... the one about Bush and Cheney, a big tittied blond and 1000 muslims getting killed, shit, I can't even remember it all now, but it was a joke ABOUT Bush and Cheney, not muslims... anyway, somehow, the administrator who was in charge of all the computers at the college ( just guess his religion... go ahead, guess...) got wind of it, pitched a fit, and I got my ass reamed for it with a letter in my personal file in reprimand... (like I really gave a fuck anyway)... "we must be more tolerant of others, blah, blah, blah...."
I'm just glad I don't have to put up with crap like that anymore...
(I suspect that "Mr. Muslim Administrator" had the system set up so that anytime the world muslim was sent through the system, it pinged him... never trusted that fucker ever again... and his work orders always went to the bottom of the pile... don't ever fuck with maintenance people...) o.k., I'm finished venting now..........

Wuulf said...

I speak the words of my boss, who has managed to leave a career in the Military as an officer to find himself stuck in a warehouse. "No witnesses, no case. If the only person that hears you is the guy reporting you, well them he's just making something up because he don't like you."

That said, this uber-Political Correctness has got to go. Can we just all let the workers sort things out themselves?