Saturday, November 06, 2010


Why don't you take care of business at home instead of going to some dirt-poor raghead country that dumps its dead in a fucking river?
Besides, I'd actually like to call my internet/landline/cell phone carrier and talk to a motherfucker that speaks english.

MUMBAI, India (AP) — President Barack Obama arrived in India on Saturday, beginning a 10-day, four-country tour of Asia that will take him through some of the region's most vibrant democracies in search of U.S. economic and security benefits.


Ramon said...

Wirecutter, The whole idea of the trip at this point in time is insane. What I would really like to know is the names of every person that went and what their justification was. If people like you and me (the taxpayers) are paying for this glory trip should we not have the right to know this?

rpm2day said...

"Vibrant" Does that mean a lot of gunfire?

This guy is not an American-in his heart.