Wednesday, November 03, 2010

My advice to the House of Representatives

Listen up, motherfuckers. Here's the deal.

We the People took our House back from the Liberals by a huge majority, the biggest upset since 1932.
There was a reason for that. The reason was that a vote against a liberal was a vote against Obama. We couldn't vote him out yesterday but we damned sure could shitcan his asskissers.
Obama's hype wore off. People began to see through him (finally, the transparency he promised?) for the egomaniac he really was, for the socialist agendas that he tried to push even as Europes' socialist governments were falling apart. People began to see the arrogance of his staff and cronies.
We got tired of him spending money the country didn't have. We got tired being told that we needed to spread our "wealth" around.
We got tired of the fact that our economy was being ignored so the liberal agenda get be advanced.  We feared that Bushs' tax cuts would expire, making a devastated economy even worse.

So what did we do? We used the greatest privilege we have and voted the liberals out and the conservatives in. We are putting our faith in you to do what we want. You've got 2 years to show some balls and give us that Hope and Change that Obama promised but couldn't or wouldn't deliver.
2 Years. It ain't long. Show us what you can do or we'll kick your asses out too and get us some new blood in again.

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orbitup said...

According to the media it's just because we are all mad about the economy... that he hasn't done enough to fix it.

In reality we want him to QUIT DOING ANYTHING! Everytime he does something it costs us a fortune.