Thursday, November 04, 2010

My Friday

I do believe that I'm going to call in tomorrow and go shoot a coyote.
I quit hunting during the deer season for a couple of reasons.
#1 (and I believe that Will is going to pull my redneck card for this) is that I don't deer hunt. Honestly, I hate the taste of California deer (too bitter) and besides, deer are too damned cute to shoot. Sorry, Will.
#2, I don't want to blow anybody elses' chance to get their deer by my spoiling their stands. Just because I won't shoot deer doesn't mean that I'll interfere with another persons' sport. I can be considerate, ya know.
But the season is over now. It's time to put a coyote in my sights.


orbitup said...

Plus wearing your antler hat gets a little riskier.

Will said...

Uhhhh, yeah, man i'm pretty speechless on #1 but totally understand #2.
Our season starts on the 13th....... can't fuckin' wait!