Sunday, November 21, 2010

NM school's coyote hunting fundraiser protested

Cliff Sagnotty, who moved to Grady, NM (pop. 98) from Des Moines, IA this summer, said he is shocked by the local high school girls athletic department's sponsorship of a coyote-hunting contest Nov. 26-27 to raise funds for uniforms and equipment. "That is stepping outside the boundaries of what I think a school should be doing for the community," he told the Albuquerque Journal. "And it's also teaching students just to kill."
-Clovis News Journal.

Steve, who sent this to me remarked "Leave it an outsider to start trouble."
Ain't that the truth, Steve.
Now if I might add a couple of comments of my own.....
First of all Cliffy, you now live in a town of 98. Chances are, 96 of those residents now despise you and that's if you're wife isn't a hunter. If she is, the count went up to 97. You see, hunting is pretty much a way of life in any rural American town but especially out west. There are towns out here that shut down their schools on the opening day of deer season because they know nobody's going to show up anyways.
And the hunt was a fundraiser for athletic uniforms and equipment. Again, you live in a town of 98. Your options for raising bucks is extremely limited here. Bake sales are not an option. If everybody in town bought 2 cupcakes at a buck apiece, you're only up a couple of hundred bucks. Car wash? Naw, unless it's a nekkid carwash.
A coyote hunt brings in entry fees, probably quite a few outside hunters (which also brings revenue into the town), and pelts that can be tanned and sold to add to the athetic fund. And I can just about bet you that the hunt probably doesn't even make a dent in the local coyote population.
And finally: Just go back to where you came from. You remind me of the folks that move out of town for some country living and then complain about the noise and smells coming from your neighbors' farm.

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Brian said...

20 Hour drive, planning to go next year? Typical city dweller just got to fuck it up for everyone. The SCI just ran a article that states the coyote is responsible for up to 25 percent infant mortality in the caribo population in New foundland Canada. The coyote is a recently arrived addition to the predator population and already the herds are down in total numbers. This in a area with little human population, refuting numbnuts assertion. Fucking Asshat

wirecutter said...

You already mapquested it for me, Brother?
Maybe we should go together...... Beats the hell out of elk hunting, huh?

orbitup said...

One fuckin guy is offended and people are supposed to change the way they have been doing things for years? Be offended, who gives a shit!

drjim said...

yeah, he should move back to Iowa!
Whatta dickhead!

Skip said...

Hey dickhead!! Go hug a 'yote an' see if he loves ya.
Fuckin' treehuggers can suck my dick.