Sunday, November 14, 2010

We don't have a problem?

By The Numbers

30% of immigrants in the United States are illegal.
61% of illegal immigrants are ages 25 to 44 (working age).
73% of children of illegal immigrants are U.S. citizens by birth.
47% of illegal immigrants ages 25 to 64 have less than a high school education; by contrast, only 8 percent of U.S.-born residents in that age group have not graduated from high school.
6.8% of students enrolled in grades K-12 in U.S. schools are children of illegal immigrants. In California, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada and Texas, at least 10 percent of K-12 students are the children of illegal immigrants.
35% of illegal immigrants are homeowners.
11% of people living below the poverty line in the United States are illegal immigrants.
$11,900 is the median income for illegal immigrants. By contrast, the median income for U.S.-born residents is $23,300.
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States with the largest illegal immigrant population:
California: 2.6 million
Texas: 1.45 million
Florida: 1.05 million
New York: 925,000
New Jersey: 550,000

Sources: Congressional Research Service; Pew Hispanic Center; Public Policy Institute of California

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