Saturday, November 13, 2010

What's on your dinner table tonight?

There's a Savage Model 11 in 22-250 and my favorite Resistol straw hat on mine.


rpm2day said...

My feet, a bunch of empty Sam Adams bottles, some knawed up spare rib bones and my Dad's 1911. Loaded.

wirecutter said...

Fuck. You got me whipped.
I actually cleaned off my table for that picture, but you still had me beat.
Seriously, rib bones?

Bella said...

Well, last night I had leftover halloween candy in a bowl, a plate licked clean from Shepherds Pie, (hmmm that was good) and a half dozen empty Molson Canadian cans. Oh ya, and 1 full one. Yup, I think that's it.

PatAZ said...

your table is certainly cleaner than mine.

Skip said...

Fuck, mine has a pretty flower arangment and scented candles.
But I ate my hot wings at the loading bench listening to Mr. Atkins.
Kinda where I live.

rpm2day said...

Where the hell are my manners? I forgot to compliment ya on that good lookin' rifle. How's she shoot?

Tom said...

I'm with rpm2day -- that is one kick-ass rifle!! Reminds me of Dad's 22-250... but yours is wearing camo while Dad's was in "civilian colors".

Either way -- one fine rifle! (You lucky dog!)