Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fuck 'em

Here in the valley they have "no burn" days where it's illegal to burn anything, fireplaces included, due to bad air quality. It usually happens on damp, foggy, windless days - just when you want a nice log on the fire - when the smoke just hangs in the air.
So guess what day the state decided to declare a no-burn day? That's right, the very day I was going to smoke that huge brisket. Can you believe that shit?
Fucking assholes.......

So I got up at 5, got the smoker ready and lit that motherfucker off. The brisket is on, slowly cooking with a nice mesquite flavor smoking in.
And my entire block can smell the smoke and the meat, yet nobody has complained or called the fucking babysitters on me.
Of course, I'm sure I'm going to have more than one of the neighbors stop by right around dinner time.

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Ramon said...

Ha! I am working on a "Boston Butt" that is going to end up as nine pounds of 'pulled' pork' sndwiches for the family. I did a brisket about two months back when it was warm enough to enjoy cooking it. About reached my limit here for the next three months...