Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Redneck Christmas Decorations

Thanks Ron, this is fucking hilarious.


Anonymous said...

Recently one of the TV networks here (Australia) sent the morning weatherman to drive route 66. Each morning he'd appear in another part of the states with a local, usually some eccentric/nutjob that made for entertaining morning television. Anyway, something that amused me was the ones who were the most redneck and Im talking about redneck that even I can spot from here, they all had either a t-shirt or jacket or cap with "Oklahoma" or "Okie" on them. Am I on to something here or what? haha Gotta love rednecks.


RichardR said...

That's so 'podunk' it's almost genius!!

cbullitt said...

That is fucking awesome. both senses of the word.

wirecutter said...

Hey, that's some serious redneck shit right there, ain't it?

Hey Warren, Okies rock! Salt of the earth and all that.