Sunday, January 23, 2011

Concerning Internet Explorer beta 9

Got the email below from Rod earlier and posted it for the rest of you.
I appreciate emails like this, letting folks know what kind of problems they may run into.
Myself, I'm not a computer guy - I can check email, post my blog and use Google Earth to scout coyote country and that's about it, so it's nice when we can get some advance warning on shit like this.
Oh, and thanks for the pat on the back.

I downloaded the new Microsoft Internet Explorer beta 9 today and can no longer view your site with Microsoft Explorer, it crashes the browser. I’m using Chrome from Google to view it. I know this is not your problem, but when people start downloading the new browser they're going to be upset that they can’t go there. I’m going to email this problem to Microsoft to see if they have an idea of what thing on your site causes the crash. Any way you have a great site and I enjoy reading it daily.