Saturday, January 22, 2011

EU Naval Force says raids endanger hostages

NAIROBI, Kenya -- Despite successful raids by Malaysian and South Korean navies that rescued two ships and their crew members from Somali pirates, the European Union Naval Force said it would not follow suit because such raids could further endanger hostages.
Malaysia's navy was holding seven Somali pirates Saturday who were apprehended in the second dramatic commando raid within hours on ships seized near the African coast, authorities said.
The operations gave both Malaysia and South Korea dramatic successes in the battle against pirates who have long tormented shipping in the waters off the Horn of Africa.

The force now has four ships patrolling the pirate-infested waters of the Indian Ocean. The EU's force for Somalia, also called Operation Atalanta, escorts merchant vessels carrying humanitarian aid. The force said it also "protects vulnerable ships in the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean," in an effort to deter and disrupt piracy.
The EU naval force has also used a strategy of destroying pirates ships, which normally includes several skiffs and a mother vessel.
There are now 29 vessels and 703 hostages being held by pirates off the coast of Somalia. The country lies next to one of the world's most important shipping routes, which connects the Indian Ocean to the Suez Canal and the Mediterranean Sea beyond.

With 29 ships and 700 hostages pesently being held, I don't think your present strategies are working, guys.
Tell you what: Move aside and watch how the Big Boys handle our own problems.
I haven't heard of any ships flying US or Soviet flags being taken lately and I'm sure the South Korean and Malay flagged ships won't be fucked with from now on.
Personally I don't know why cargo ships aren't being fitted with some serious guns. If it's against some sort of international treaty, break the motherfucker to protect what's yours if nobody else won't get serious about it.


Bella said...

I can't comprehend this bullshit. They should stop pussy footing around these assholes and nuke the shit out of them. Better yet, treat them like you do with crows. Kill the whole ship full of pirates and tie them to the mast, then send the mothership home in flames. Eventually the rest will fuck off. Sheesh, my ex got me started off on the wrong foot this morning and I want to kill something. I just may need NutJob as back-up, Deb.

drjim said...

Hah....thw "EU Navies"...what a bunch of pussies!

wirecutter said...

That's pretty much what the Soviets did, Bella. They went in, took their property and hostages back, killed all the pirates, put them in a boat and set it adrift.
I've also seen a video where they captured the pirate mothership, loaded it with explosives and blew the motherfucker up with everybody aboard.
Them boys have the right idea.