Saturday, January 29, 2011

Even CGD couldn't figure this one out

So I'm having a few beers tonight and I run a little short so me and CharlieGodammit wander down to the local 7-11 to score another six pack.
Okay. I can deal with homeless folks spending their canning and panhandling cash on lottery tickets hoping to win it big. I can deal with drunks (like me) that are a few cents short and arguing with the hardworking Sikh clerk. I can even deal with the tweeker that thinks he's god and deserves a break on refried beans, but what I have a hard time dealing with is the well dressed lady driving a Lexus that is arguing with Mr. Singh over the price of a single motherfucking banana at 11 PM.
I mean, who in the fuck buys a banana at a 7-11 at 11 PM? Especially when Suzie's Sex Shop is only 2 blocks down the road? Or when you can buy a cucumber with bumps on it (for your pleasure) at the Savemart only 4 blocks down the road?
Are you serious? You're lucky CharlieGodammit didn't bite your stupid ass on the way out.

1 comment:

Tattoo Jim said...

hehehehe... Suzie's Sex Shop.... that must be one fucking awesome banana!